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Meet The Crew

What makes DuBois Harley-Davidson awesome?

What makes DuBois Harley-Davidson an awesome destination? Yeah, bikes. But at the end of the day, it's the people you'll meet here that make it a truly great experience!

Holly MeansHolly Means

A 26-year veteran of DuBois Harley-Davidson (she must have started when she was six!), Holly handles our bookkeeping, advertising and promotions. She's the whiz behind the web site, in fact. Holly loves to ride.

In fact, Harley-Davidson has been a way of life for Holly and her husband Mick. Married 27 years, their very first date was riding on Mick's 1983 FLHT, to a cousin's wedding in New Jersey and then on to Syracuse to the flat track races. "We've had so much fun through the years, met so many wonderful people. Mick and I feel very fortunate that we've been able to make a life together, working at something we both love so much!"

Mick MeansMick Means

The owner of Dubois Harley-Davidson, Mick does a little bit of everything from sales to working on bikes. Mick took over the dealership from a fella named Tom Brummert in 1987.

Mick has always had a love affair with motorcycles. We're betting every other old photo from his youth (he started at age 12) has a bike in it somewhere.

When you do what you love, it shows. The business has grown right along with Mick's passion for bikes. When the shop first opened under Mick, DHD had five employees. Today, it's 15. The first shop was about 5000 square feet; it's well over triple that size today. Mick loves to travel, especially when it's on two wheels.

Richard Place

Richard Place Dick's been with DHD since 2005. We like Richard's style, to be sure. His favorite movie is Second Hand Lions, and - Richard being Richard of course he identifies with Robert Duvall's character. "Die with your boots on!" is his mantra for sure.

Dick wears many hats, doing everything from working in parts to putting up lights and flags to wiring and plumbing.

Our favorite wild man lives in Brockway with his wife Gail. We wonder if she knows what a wild man he is...

Ryan Troutman

Ryan Troutman

Hailing from Sykesville PA, Ryan is a one-year veteran here at DuBois Harley-Davidson. You'll find him piloting the Service Department desk, greeting customers, writing work orders and diagnosing issues. When he's not working, he's figuring out how to get more time on his 2010 Street Glide and playing with Kilo, his 5-year-old Pitbull. Ask him what he likes best about spending his days at 101 West DuBois Avenue, and he'll answer "Well, duh! Working with Harleys everyday!"

Amanda Rankin

Amanda Rankin

Amanda helps customers in the Parts Department. She calls Punxy home. Punxsutawney is cool and all, but we have a feeling that her dream home would be somewhere in Montana, bass fishing with Gunner at her side. When she's not here helping customers, she's fishing (of course), riding motorcycles, and target shooting.

Randall Curley

Randall CurleyHailing from Rockton, Randall Curley (Randy to his friends, of which there are many) is the custodian of the awesome DHD facility - no easy task!

Randy's been riding hogs since "Stayin' Alive" dominated the radio. To you youngsters out there, radio is kind of like Pandora but without computers - weird, we know!

Anyways,  we asked him where he'd go if he could do a two-week bike tour anywhere he chose. "The Dakotas, no doubt," he answered without missing a beat.

Randy is very active in Boy Scouts and youth football, and serves as the equipment manager for the high school football team.

Robert Cravener

Robert CravenerWe call him Bert. AND we call on him to be an awesome service technician, which he's been doing at DHD for over 15 years.

Bert lives in Penfield with daughters Autumn and Summer and wife Cynthia. Besides being really good at fixing bikes, he's also great at picking names, don't you think? Or at least, Cynthia is.

We digress. Bert attended the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Phoenix, Arizona and considers his 1984 Ironhead Sportster his third child. We're betting he didn't name her "Brooke"  or something lovely and feminine like that.

Probably "Rocky." Or maybe "Bert Jr."?

Korrin Leatherman

Korrin Leatherman

Korrin (a.k.a. 'Slim') has worked part-time in our MotorClothes Department since July 2016. She enjoys the fashion world but is an outdoors kind of gal, too - four wheelers, dirt bikes, hunting and fishing call her name. Slim doesn't own a Harley yet, but when the day comes? "Softail all the way - Deuce or Breakout!" She loves spending time with family - and like many of us, her two dogs are official members. Which speaks to why she enjoys working at DHD: "Everyone is like family here!"

Margaretta Gilchrist

Margaretta GilchristMargie knows Motorclothes and warranties for sure, having worked in those departments for us for the past 11 years. "Since we opened the doors in the new building," she recalls.

She really enjoys working with customers, and is a big-time football and Nascar fan. Margie is also very much involved our local Hog chapter and the Treasure Lake Church.

Brooke Sloan

Brooke SloanYou'll find Brooke either working the Motorclothes department or smiling behind the reception counter.

"Either one is fine with me," says Brooke, "because I really enjoy working with people. I know everybody says that, but I do!"

We believe you, Brooke! After all, she's a Steeler fan who plays basketball. Takes character, kid - and you've got it.

Tim Stanton

Tim Stanton

A 12-year veteran of DuBois Harley-Davidson, Tim has deep roots with us: he helped design and build our facility. With skills like that, you can bet his '91 Fat Boy is tricked-out.

We asked; he answered: "Well, duh!"

Tim loves him some Crosby Stills and Nash. No word on Young, though. C'mon, Tim - surely you wanna rock it a little harder sometimes, too?

Teri Neil

Victoria Clark

Teri has been at Dubois Harley-Davidson for two years, calling it the most fun job she's ever had. She's been riding with her husband, Bob, for about three years. They've been to Daytona Bike week twice already, so we're pretty sure she's hooked. Apart from work, she enjoys going on camping trips and taking care of her six grandchildren. Otherwise known as The Good Things In Life!

Victoria Clark

Victoria Clark

Victoria - we call her Tori - works in motorclothes, shipping and receiving. Can you believe she's been here since age 14? She's a devout Pittsburgh Penguins fan (isn't everybody?!) Tori would love to tour the southern states someday. Until then, she loves the beach and hanging out with friends.

Jake Means

Jake Means

Jake has been working here as long as he's been driving. He spent several years at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in 2007 to 2008.

He stays busy setting up bikes as they arrive at our dealership, and traveling all over picking up and dropping bikes off for dealer trades. Now THAT'S a great gig!

Brandon Teague

Brandon Teague

Brandon comes to Dubois Harley-Davidson all the way from Nashville, Tennessee where he worked at a dealership. You have to head even further south to visit his old school, the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando, Florida.

Brandon's been working in dealerships ever since he graduated, and it goes without saying that riding is his passion. Brandon moved to DuBois to be closer to his family, which is an awesome thing. We just hope he enjoys winters in Western Pennsylvania!

Joe Trozzo

Joe Trozzo

Troz to his friends, Mr. Joe Trozzo has over 20 years experience as a technician. Reason enough to call him a Master Tech, in fact. He's been riding motorcycles since he was eighteen.

Joe, who is married with a stepdaughter, hails from Pittsburgh, heading our way so that he could be closer to family.

Tammy Schuckers

Tammy Schuckers

Tammy Schuckers has been in the motorcycle business for over 20 years. I guess that means she started when she was in kindergarten?!

She lives in Big Run with her son, and of course loves riding her motorcycle. She's been with us going on three years.

Scott Covert

Scott Covert

Scott has been a technician since 1982. Are you seeing a pattern here? Yep, we've got lots of experience at our shop.

His first gig at a dealership was in New Jersey some thirty years ago. Same year as Van Halen's classic "1984" album, in fact.

Scott has a wife, two daughters and a grand daughter. So yeah, things are pretty busy for him over at Casa de Covert in Ridgeway PA.