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Finacing with DuBois

The skills and knowledge you need to ride safe

DuBois Harley Davidson is proud to offer Harley Davidson’s Rider's Edge® rider's training program. The New Rider’s Course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to ride safely.

Classes are held Thursday through Monday, with Thursday and Friday evenings in the classroom at our dealership, Saturday and Sunday on the course, and Monday evening is graduation.

Upon completing the course you will receive your motorcycle license.

Rider’s Edge® is a great way to start your motorcycle riding safely, and also introduce yourself to our friendly staff and unique dealership. Call us today (814) 371-5750 to get registered for the next available class, or get more information about the Harley-Davidson Rider's Edge® program.

Rider's Edge® FAQ

How much does it cost?

The course costs $275. This covers motorcycle insurance, service, transportation, and instructors. This money is sent to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Rider’s Edge once you have registered, so we cannot refund your money. If you cannot attend the class you have registered for, we can reschedule you for another date.

Do I need a motorcycle permit?

Yes, you can obtain your motorcycle permit at any PA DMV center.

Do I need any riding experience?

No, the Rider’s Edge course is designed to teach beginning riders the basics of riding, as well as refresh seasoned riders with safety information.

What do I need to take the course?

You will need a DOT approved helmet, long pants, a jacket, gloves, and flat boots that are at least ankle high. We'd be happy to help you get the equipment you need!